Humble Beginnings Adventures in Web Publishing


A Belated Introduction

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally built myself a proper website. It's pretty embarrassing to admit; but as a someone who has been making websites for 7+ years, I've never really had my own website - The horror! I'm sure there's probably quite a few web developers that can relate to this, I certainly know a few.

My Goals

Apart from shaming myself into building my own website, I've also had a strong desire to integrate more with the development community and give a little back. I've benefited so much from other peoples hard work and generosity in knowledge sharing, it would be selfish not to return something positive myself.

As an experienced developer having worked in a range of roles, I feel I can offer something to at least a few people, it might be a small nugget of knowledge, a method of working, or perhaps a typeface I really love. I'm excited about what the future holds now that I have my very own publishing platform. More than anything, I want it to become a platform for meaningful content that goes beyond technical matters.

So to summarise, I want to...

  1. Write meaningful posts that provoke debate.
  2. Create some fun and exciting experiments in my web lab.
  3. Keep learning more awesome stuff.

If I can look back in a year or so time and say, “yes, I hit some of these targets”, I’ll be very happy.

No portfolio sir?

I've found It can be quite hard as a web developer to showcase your ability, employers sometimes forbid you to publish things you've worked on, or perhaps the websites you have worked on are fairly mundane or just something you're not that keen on publicising. This is partly the case for me, so rather than serve as a portfolio of work, my site is going to be informative (I hope!), with a focus on smart design and directed at showcasing experiments using cutting edge web technologies.

Coming from a creative background, this will also give me a chance to flex my long-oppressed creative side.